Keep Your Mind on Your Gutters

If you noticed a waterfall-like effect coming off your rain gutters during the last downpour, it could mean your gutters are clogged with debris and the rain isn’t going where it’s supposed to—into the downspouts and away from your house. This could lead to problems with your foundation or even water in your basement.

You should plan to clean your gutters at least twice a year—more often if there are a lot of trees around. But, this isn’t a job for anyone who is uncomfortable on a ladder, or who lives in a home higher than a single story. In those cases, leave the cleaning job to a pro.

If you do decide to tackle the job yourself, keep a few handy tips in mind:

  • Follow all safety precautions for using a ladder.
  • Wear protective equipment, such as safety goggles and heavy work gloves.
  • Start at a drain outlet and work away from it. Scoop debris out using a small garden trowel or similar tool.
  • After the majority of the debris is cleared from the gutter, blast it clean with a hose, working toward the downspout.
  • If the downspout isn’t draining freely, unclog from the top with a high pressure nozzle on the hose, or from the bottom with a plumber’s snake.

A little preventive maintenance a couple times a year can keep your gutters going with the flow—and your foundation will thank you for it!

Published Date:August 30, 2018

Categories: Risk Management - Home