Leaves in Your Eaves...and a Few Other Helpful Tips for Autumn

Autumn is many people’s favorite season. The heat and humidity of summer are gone, and the below zero weather hasn’t arrived yet. And we can’t forget those dazzling leaves.

Inside and out, there are chores to be done before winter hits, and personal protective measures to follow due to the change of seasons. Here are a few to consider, which may help you enjoy the glorious fall weather even more.

  • Leaves in your eaves. Clogged rain gutters can present all kinds of drainage problems. Be sure eaves and downspouts are cleared of debris and are draining properly. Follow all ladder safety rules if you plan to do the job yourself.1 If climbing a ladder isn’t for you, or you live in a multi-level house, hire a professional.
  • Dress for the weather. Going out in chilly weather without a jacket is silly. And your family and coworkers won’t appreciate being around you if you happen to get sick.
  • Wash your hands. Cooler weather means more time indoors, which can lead to more contact with germs. Wash your hands thoroughly, using soap and hot water. Be sure your kids follow your good example.
  • Rake leaves properly. Back injuries can happen if your raking technique is incorrect. Stand upright, and use your arms and legs to pull, not your back.
  • Leaf blowers. They can make quick work of moving around piles of leaves, but they can also cause injuries if not used properly or safely. Eye and ear protection and protective clothing and shoes are recommended.
  • Get a flu shot. It may not completely eliminate your chances for getting sick, but it can help protect against complications.

Taking care of yourself and your home this fall will pay great dividends year round.

1 For ladder safety tips and information, visit http://www.laddersafety.org/.

Published Date:August 30, 2018

Categories: Risk Management - Home