You can take on uneven terrain. You can take on muddy ground. You can take on almost anything you come across. Almost. Don’t let an unforeseen bump in the trail take all the thrill out of your rides. Protect yourself and your toys with ATV coverage from Federated.

Coverage will be determined by the terms of your policy, if approved for issue, and the circumstances of the claim.  Coverage exclusions may apply according to the terms of your policy.


If you’re deemed legally responsible for damage caused while you’re riding your ATV, your liability coverage helps protect you, up to your policy limits.


Fire, flood, theft, vandalism. If it causes damage to your ATV while it’s stationary, comprehensive insurance can help provide coverage. Deductible applies. 


If you hit something while you’re moving, it’s usually covered under collision insurance. Where the hazard is a moving object, like a car, truck, SUV, another ATV, etc.; or is stationary, like a large rock or a tree, our collision coverage can help protect you. All you’re responsible for is the deductible.