Personal Umbrella

Think you’ve got everything covered with your auto and homeowners insurance? What happens when the events spin out of control and you’re on the business end of a lawsuit? One unexpected disaster can threaten everything you’ve built and worked for. Make sure you’re ready for anything life can throw at you with a Federated personal umbrella policy.

Your Protection

Federated's personal umbrella offers additional liability protection over and above your auto and homeowners policies for losses resulting from catastrophic events, such as:

  • Multiple injury auto accidents (auto)
  • Operation of boats or recreational vehicles (homeowners) or auto
  • Hunting or sporting accidents (homeowners)
  • Additional liability limits of $1 million to $5 million are available with a separate personal umbrella policy from Federated.


Special discounts are available when your auto, home, and personal umbrella coverage are with Federated. 

Coverage will be determined by the terms of your policy, if approved for issue, and the circumstances of the claim.  Coverage exclusions may apply according to the terms of your policy. 

“If I could sum up Federated Insurance Personal Lines in one word, it would be ‘simplicity.’ Most importantly, I’m insured by a trustworthy company."

Dave, Federated Policyholder