Your vehicles get you to work, to the grocery store, to your kids’ hockey games. But, the world being as unpredictable as it is, they can also get you into trouble. Make sure you’re prepared for anything — an icy roadway, a sudden downpour, or a fender bender with an uninsured driver. With our protection, you can focus on the demands of your busy life.

Coverage will be determined by the terms of your policy, if approved for issue, and the circumstances of the claim.  Coverage exclusions may apply according to the terms of your policy. 


Liability coverage helps provide coverage for damage you cause. If you’re in a crash, liability helps cover property damage, or injury to the other driver or passengers up to your policy limits.


Fires, collisions with deer, and storm debris are a few examples of hazards that comprehensive insurance may cover. Deductible applies.


If you’re moving and you hit something, collision coverage helps cover the cost of the damage to your vehicle after you meet your deductible.