Your cabin. It’s your little piece of paradise, a home away from home. And just like the place you sleep between trips to where you really want to spend your time, you need to keep it protected. Injuries and property damage aren’t unheard of on the lake, you know.


Property coverage helps cover damage to your cabin and other structures on the property caused by events including storms, fire, theft, or vandalism. Your property policy will also help cover possessions stored in the cabin or on the premises. Deductible and policy limits apply.


Liability coverage helps cover medical costs from a personal injury of someone in your cabin or on the premises, or property damage caused by an event in your cabin or on the premises. Deductible and policy limits apply.

This is not an offer of insurance.  Coverage not available in all states.  Your eligibility and premium will depend on the application of Federated’s underwriting guidelines to your unique circumstances including, but not limited to, your personal information, driving record (for auto coverages), loss history, location and coverage.  The terms of your policy will govern, if approved for issue.  Policies are underwritten by Federated Mutual Insurance Company which is licensed in Minnesota.