Your condo is in a secure, well-constructed building, but that doesn’t mean nothing can happen to it. Don’t let a burst pipe or faulty wiring wreck your home. And we have strong loss assessment coverage, which helps repair damages that occur after your HOA’s master policy has reached its limits. A condominium policy from Federated helps protect your four walls (and floor, ceiling, and belongings) from the unexpected.

Coverage will be determined by the terms of your policy, if approved for issue, and the circumstances of the claim.  Coverage exclusions may apply according to the terms of your policy.


Your property policy helps cover damage to your unit and your possessions. Cooking fires, water damage (floods not included), theft, vandalism, and more, are counted among qualifying events. Deductible and policy limits apply.


Liability helps cover repair or replacement costs and medical expenses that result from an event in your unit. This includes damage from events like a fire that started in your condo and spread to another. Deductible and policy limits apply.